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 …….to brings honor and equity to women.

In the past decade, there has been progress in improving women’s and girls’ human development. Unfortunately, challenges remain. Girls’ and women’s access to education, healthcare, and employment lags behind that of boys and men.

Areas of focus,

1. Child Health

Areas of focus,

  1. Sexual reproductive Rights and health.
  • Carrying out reproductive seminars to help them take charge of their baby making.
  • Capacity building on maternal health.
  • Provision of sanitary pads to marginalized women and girls.
  • Advocacy on reproductive rights and health
  1. Gender Based Violence and Gender Equality.
  • Funding women’s full participation in civil society.
  • Bringing gender based violence clinical servicers to marginalized communities.
  • Developing guidance for building systems to eliminate gender based violence.
  • Supporting programs for professional counseling to the affected women.
  • Supporting programs that encourage gender equality.
  • Carrying out gender sensitization seminars.
  1. Female Genital Mutilation.
  • Creation of awareness of negative impacts of FGM
  • Providing counseling services to those affected by FGM.
  • Supporting those who carry the practice as source of income to look for another source of income.

Adolescents constitute a large proportion of Kenya’s population. This has implications on the country’s health and development agenda. Gwengnyakager believes sexual and reproductive health care for adolescents is essential for young people to realize their full potential. To realise this goal, we focus on:

  • Strengthening health services to offer young people the sexual and reproductive health care they need without judgment or bias
  • Empowering adolescents and youth to make their own decisions about their bodies and their futures by changing community norms related to gender, adolescent sexuality, early marriage, and childbearing
  • Supporting young women and first-time parents to delay their first pregnancy and space their births for the best health outcomes for mothers and children