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The well-being of children and families is impossible without sustainable, equitable access to clean water, dignified sanitation and appropriate hygiene behaviors. When these three factors come into play, children and their families are protected from infection, diseases and injury; living healthy lives. Girl child education standards are raised further. To achieve these, the foundation focuses on


We work with like-minded partners to support the community and schools to raise awareness and promote uptake of good WASH services and practices.

2.Sanitation and Hygiene Behaviors

The Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) approach is a key behavior change approach we have adopted. We strive to build modern pit latrines in marginalized schools and public places.

We focus too, on Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) in schools by equipping some schools with MHM facilities. These MHM facilities are comprised of a small private washroom next to the toilet stalls where girls can manage their menstruation with dignity

3.Access to Safe Drinking Water

Gwengnyakager Foundation is promoting sustainable access to safe drinking water in marginalized and low income communities through drilling of solar powered water boreholes and water pans and provision of water tanks, protection of natural springs

Improved Access to clean, safe Water, Sanitation Facilities, and Good Hygiene Practices and further to raise standards of girl child education and create employment opportunities.