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Climate change is a devastating force, leading to a hungrier and more vulnerable world. At Gwengnyakager Foundation, we work with the people and communities who are on the frontlines of the climate crisis, and those at the forefront of climate innovation, to find a sustainable way forward together.

The most vulnerable people in the world are disproportionately exposed to extreme weather events, more reliant on natural resources, and least able to cope with, and adapt to, negative environmental impacts,

Our focus areas include;

  • Provision of clean cookstoves women.
  • Provision of solar panels.
  • Training on afforest ration and reforestation.
  • Provision of seedlings and establishment of tree nurseries within the schools and community.

“It’s abundantly clear that climate change Is already having an impact on human rights.  And that this impact will only intensify in coming years. “Kumi Naidoo, Secretary-General of Amnesty International