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Agriculture: A strong agricultural and ecological base ensures the availability of nutritious food to eat and income for food and health purchases while reducing vulnerability to natural disaster and food access shocks.

Food insecurity — and the malnutrition that often comes with it — cause poor physical and cognitive development, increases vulnerability to disease, limits productivity over a lifetime, and impedes economic development. A lack of nutritious food wreaks havoc on families and communities, causing a lifetime of challenges

We work with communities, local organizations, and authorities to identify the root causes of food insecurity and malnutrition. We use this knowledge to develop comprehensive and inclusive programming aimed at achieving resilient food security and improving nutrition.

Gwengnyakager focuses on;

  • Provision of dairy cattle and poultry to women and youth groups.
  • Provision of fingerlings to fish farmers.
  • Provision of agricultural inputs.
  • Training on modern methods of farming
  • Value Chains development

……for a healthy society